In October 2007 Good Man and I took a weekend trip to Anseong for the Baudeogi Festival. We also visited Anseong Hanggyo site and experimented with near infrared photography. It was a great weekend.

All photos taken on the Nikon D80 and edited in Lightroom. Photos were eyball-metered. All photos presented (basically) in the order they were taken.

baldyiskorean_small.jpg circledance_small.jpg comingback_small.jpg koreanv_small.jpg
scary_small.jpg woodenbridge2_small.jpg wrestling_small.jpg ssireum_small.jpg
down_small.jpg treesfeeltoo_small.jpg anseong_small.jpg theskyagain_small.jpg
pigroasting_small.jpg shoesandshadows_small.jpg traditionalchinesemedicine_small.jpg hotmannequin_small.jpg
flowertruck_small.jpg flowertruckboys_small.jpg ehmaybenot_small.jpg wimps_small.jpg
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