This album includes photos from a day trip to Ganghwa-do and Seongmo-do, South Korea, taken on 22 July 2006. The islands are located on the west coast in the very north—very close to North Korea!

My friend Michael, his friend Leslie and I went together. We visited a Buddhist temple, a rock sculpture called Eyebrow-Rock Buddha, and the Goryeo Temple site.

squatter_small.jpg seongmodobeachviewofnorthkorea_small.jpg seongmodobeachplant_small.jpg islands_small.jpg
goryeopalace_small.jpg goryeolibrary_small.jpg amandainfrontofthegoryeobell_small.jpg goryeodetail_small.jpg
livingquartersfromtheoutside_small.jpg livingquarters_small.jpg interestingplant_small.jpg
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