Heading to Fårö on a Stormy Saturday


Saturday, 17 October, we decided to rent a car to head to Fårö. We asked where car rental places were at the hotel and the man showed us where an Avis was, as well as two other places. He didn't, however, offer to call a car for us and we didn't even think about asking.

So we walked down to the ferry area and found five car rental places, including an Avis and a Hertz. All of them were unmanned. I copied down phone numbers for three of the car rental agencies and found a pay phone. When I picked up the reciever, it gave a broken wah, wah, wah sound.

I found this payphone, which worked. Avis had no cars. Hertz didn't answer. I whined to Good Man, "If I call this one, for Micke's, he won't even answer! These two big agencies won't answer or don't have cars, this is a waste of time, let's just go back to the hotel!"

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