Mickes Biluthyrning


We went to Micke's little red hut and waited for him to meet us. When he did, he brought us about 3/4 km down the road and showed us a used Volkswagon clunker. The total cost of the rental was 300 SEK (~$45) and the cost of gas. So much better than what we would've gotten with Avis or Hertz!

Micke asked if I could drive a stick. I said yes, and promised I wouldn't crash his car. But then...I couldn't get into reverse. I was trying and trying to get into reverse and only getting into first. Micke had left and Good Man offered to push the car. Just then, Micke showed up again and asked what was wrong.

"I can't get into reverse," I said.

"I thought you knew how to drive a stick!" He teased me and told me to push down and forward. Ahh, well, I didn't know. I've never driven a Volkswagon before! I'm sure Micke thought I was going to return his car in several pieces.

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