Sunday 9 September 2007 Good Man and I met at the Han River Park near Ttukseom Resort. We ended up walking to Techno Mart and crossing the bridge over the Han. These photos were all taken on the Nikon D80 between 2:30 and 8:00 pm.

I wasn't expecting to walk more than 10km in three inch high heels...but that's what happened. I was an exhausted, sore mess at the end of the evening. But it was worth it.

dancing_small.jpg weretoocoolforthisbutnotreally_small.jpg duckboats_small.jpg anddoves_small.jpg
amanabike_small.jpg whosfishing_small.jpg windsurfing_small.jpg windsurfer_small.jpg
goodmani_small.jpg goodmanii_small.jpg goodmaniii_small.jpg goodmaniv_small.jpg
goodmanv_small.jpg amandai_small.jpg amandaii_small.jpg amandaiii_small.jpg
throwingrocks_small.jpg hanriver_small.jpg hanriver2_small.jpg goodmanandamanda_small.jpg
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