On 20 April 2007 I went to Yong-In University to watch the high school taekwondo championship. It was interesting to watch the sparring and I enjoyed seeing the campus. This album contains taekwondo photos as well as springtime Korea photos.

A high school briefly adopted me, fed me, and dragged me around to cheer for their team. Sometimes being a foreigner in Korea is very...interesting. They were all sweet kids though. Unfortunately, they left fairly soon after I met them; they did not make it to the finals.

highschooltaekwondochampionshipatyonginuniversity_small.jpg highschoolchampionships_small.jpg strongfighting_small.jpg nearlyoutofbounds_small.jpg
gettingscolded_small.jpg readjustinghischair_small.jpg highschoolchampionships2_small.jpg weredonecheering_small.jpg
militaryattention_small.jpg yonginuniversity_small.jpg springflowers_small.jpg trackcoveredincherryblossoms_small.jpg
koreanmagnolias_small.jpg cherryblossoms_small.jpg spring_small.jpg woods_small.jpg
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