At the end of my contract, Good Man and I went to Jeju-do. Jeju-do is known as the Korean Hawaii and is the primary honemoon spot (though many couples are now going to Thailand). We were there just a couple days. We relaxed and did a few things and just enjoyed each other's company. It was a nice trip.

jejupeacemuseum2_small.jpg jejupeacemuseum3_small.jpg jejupeacemuseum4_small.jpg jejupeacemuseum5_small.jpg jejupeacemuseum6_small.jpg
jejupeacemuseum7_small.jpg happy_small.jpg uniform_small.jpg money_small.jpg theindependent_small.jpg
gumdouniform_small.jpg ancestordishes_small.jpg onionsandshoes_small.jpg goodman_small.jpg flower_small.jpg
threeroofstyles_small.jpg photo_small.jpg stonegrandfathers_small.jpg eyeofthebeholder_small.jpg smallwaterfall_small.jpg
stream_small.jpg streaminfrared_small.jpg amandaandgoodman_small.jpg mainwaterfall_small.jpg adjacentwaterfall_small.jpg
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