Friday 29 February 2008, a few hours after my black belt test, Good Man and I headed down to Jeonju to visit some friends. We went to the Jeonju wine museum and the market area and had a wonderful time.

goodmanlaughing_small.jpg alyssa2_small.jpg goodmanandme3_small.jpg amanda_small.jpg goodmanandmedoubleexposure_small.jpg
doubleexposure_small.jpg smokingwomani_small.jpg smokingwomanii_small.jpg smokingwomaniii_small.jpg smokingwomaniv_small.jpg
smokingwomanv_small.jpg smokingwomanvi_small.jpg smoke_small.jpg glass_small.jpg dryice_small.jpg
goodman2_small.jpg yellowdust_small.jpg yes_small.jpg monsterwow_small.jpg socksforsale_small.jpg
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