Handphone Girl and Her crew


The girl in purple on the right is Handphone Girl. She's 18 and I'm getting to know her more. The other two girls are from Master's brother's studio. They had taken my camera for a few minutes, which was fine, so I was amused to find this photo.

The one in the middle is by far the most obnoxious person I've come across in taekwondo. She's not at my studio, so I've only seen her a few times. Nonetheless, everytime she sees me she screams at me in Korean, refuses to take "I understand, but I don't know" or "I don't understand" as an answer, follows me around, and asks me my age and name at least 5 times. She begged for my camera, after telling me three times that she had the same phone as me, so I finally said, "Your phone, my phone, the same! You have a cameraphone!" She still kept asking for the camera.

After five hours of this, Tall New Guy told her to go away and leave me alone.

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