On 29 September 2007 Good Man and I went to Namhansanseong Park together. The day was grey and flat (as apparently this is the only weather Korea is allowed to have this year) but because we were on the mountain it didn't feel so dull.

This little trip ended up being the "Amanda watches spiders" hike.

All photos taken on Nikon D80, RAW format converted and edited using Lightroom.

dragonflywingsii_small.jpg photo_small.jpg waterfalli_small.jpg
waterfallii_small.jpg decorativetiles_small.jpg seoul_small.jpg
menplayingbaduk_small.jpg traditionalajummaandajosshimusic_small.jpg junkfood_small.jpg
makingpoppedrice_small.jpg sellingpoppedrice_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg
sidewalksale_small.jpg rockwiththescaryflowerbearingbear_small.jpg subwayblues_small.jpg
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