In January 2008, Good Man and I headed to Sorak-san National Park and Sokcho for the weekend. It was a wonderful weekend, if not a bit cold and snowy.

areweinkorea_small.jpg goingdown_small.jpg moon_small.jpg sokchofishmarket_small.jpg
fromourhotelroom_small.jpg hotelbalconyshot_small.jpg morning_small.jpg sokchoport_small.jpg
sokchoport2_small.jpg sokchoport3_small.jpg squidboats_small.jpg dryingfish_small.jpg
roses_small.jpg ferryingacross_small.jpg sokchoport4_small.jpg boats_small.jpg
sokchoport5_small.jpg sokchoport6_small.jpg fishermen_small.jpg alley_small.jpg
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