I spent a week in Vietnam in August 2007. I spent most of the time in Hanoi but also went to The Perfume Pagoda and Halong Bay. It was a very enjoyable week.

alley_small.jpg hanoistreet_small.jpg stjosephscathedral_small.jpg sellinggoods_small.jpg
sunset_small.jpg meditating_small.jpg restoredsword_small.jpg restoredswordtemple_small.jpg
restoredswordtemple2_small.jpg bicyclewaiting_small.jpg bicycles_small.jpg garbagehandtrucks_small.jpg
menchatting_small.jpg propaganda_small.jpg propganda_small.jpg propaganda2_small.jpg
hanoitraffic_small.jpg hanoihilton_small.jpg hanoihilton2_small.jpg glass_small.jpg
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