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Go to Costa Rica or Peru, completed

In the summer of 2005 I went to Costa Rica for about 3 weeks. I was intending to go to Spain, but it was cheaper to go to Costa Rica and spend time there than the plane ticket alone to Spain would've been. What's funny is that when I booked the trip, I'd completely forgotten that Costa Rica was on my List.

I had an amazing time and really enjoyed going during "the green season" (ie wet!). Photos are in my gallery—more descriptions of my trip are there, too, written into the captions. Note that there are large sections of my trip missing photos because I'd gotten tired of being behind the camera.

I bungee jumped for the first (and so far only!) time in Costa Rica and it was amazing.

I spent my time in San José at Costa Rica Backpackers and would recommend them, as well. Friendly staff, great prices, awesome hostel with a pool and a restaurant and friendly travelers.  Check them out.

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