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Visit Every National Park, notes

I know this is an insane goal.  I also know it overlaps with the Visit All 50 States goal.  So what?

Using this list, I have visited the following parks (with years, if I remember):

The Badlands, SD, 1993 (first time)
Carlsbad Caverns, NM, 1993
The Everglades, FL (I think I have been here...)
Grand Canyon, AZ, 1993
Mammoth Cave, KY, 2004
Petrified Forest, AZ, 2001
Rocky Mountain, CO, 1993
Saguaro, AZ, 2001 (first time)
Wind Cave, SD, mid-90s

I've also been to numerous national historic sites, battlefields, etc.  Of course, the best source of information is the National Park Service's homepage.
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